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High School Program

Everything you need to know about mentoring throughout the high school years.


Mentor Onboarding Checklist
This resource is meant to walk you through everything you may need to know to feel confident and supported entering into the programmatic academic year. Walk through each resource listed to gain a wider understanding of the educational landscape, me...
The mentor roadmap
This article gives a broad overview of what you can expect in the iMentor program from the moment you fill out your application all the way through the end of your mentee/mentor match. Everyone's experience will be inherently different, so use t...
What your mentee does in an iMentor class
This article is meant to help mentors understand what their mentees do every week in their iMentor class. Because every student's experience in the program is unique (i.e. class length great varies among schools), the content covered is meant to...
You can learn anything
The following video explores how we are all born to learn.
John Legend talks about Growth Mindset
In this video, John Legend shares a personal story about overcoming early rejections in his career to get to where he is today.  ...
How to develop a growth mindset voice
Your mentee is working towards developing and utilizing a growth mindset. Simply put, a growth mindset is the belief that intelligence is malleable and with effort, new skills can be acquired.  Use this resource as a way to help your ment...
Reflection and the iMentor Curriculum
Throughout the curriculum, mentees and mentors will be asked to reflect as part of their weekly communication and as they transition from one unit of learning to the next. The opportunities to reflect are present in each lesson, integrated into even...