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Mentor Training

Inevitably there will be moments of uncertainty, where you're unsure what to do, say, or write. Mentor Training will allow you to gather information, build skills, and refresh capacities necessary to tackle anything with your mentee. Viewing this section for the first time? Follow the articles in order, starting with Welcome to Mentor Training.


Welcome to Mentor Training
This article will introduce you to Mentor Training: what it is, why it's valuable, and how it will allow you to grow in your role as a mentor. Mentor Training will help guide you and your mentee through pivotal moments throughout the year. Thes...
Accessing Mentor Training for the First Time
This article will explain what to expect the first time you access Mentor Training modules. As always, reach out to your Program Manager with any questions, comments, or concerns.  Click here  to navigate to the Mentor Training sign...
List of Mentor Training Learning Modules
This article provides you a list of all online Mentor Training learning modules. This list will be periodically updated with new and updated trainings, which will be directly sent out to you - but feel free to return to this page as necessary. The m...
Troubleshooting Mentor Training
Mentor Training is a new formalized part of our program. And with any new system, there is a steeper learning curve, with obstacles in signing up and accessing content. This article is meant to give you basic action steps for troubleshooting this th...