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Welcome to the Mentor and Mentee Learning Center

10th Grade Events

In the 10th Grade, pairs will explore how to grow interests into passions with time and practice, and explore their interests by getting involved in activities and planning summer. Pairs will apply a growth mindset to their academic goals . Students will name their skills and practice telling their own story by creating and presenting a resume.  Students will explore social capital by mapping their networks and identifying people who can support them in their path to college.

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10.A ReconnectingUnit 1: This is the first event of the year. The goal for this event is to reconnect pairs and renew commitments to their work together in the upcoming year. Pairs will preview major milestones for 10th grade and reflect on the commitments they made in 9th grade, adjusting them accordingly based on what works, and what they can improve.
10.B Making ConnectionsUnit 2: This event provides students an opportunity to practice building social capital both with their mentor and with other mentors. Students and their mentors will begin initial conversations about mentee’s interests, skills, as well as summer and potential career plans. This will help students both in building their resumes and lays the groundwork for STEP (which pairs will use to research and collaborate on summer plans in the winter).
10.C Resume WorkshopUnit 3: This event provides students and their mentors with an opportunity to work face-to-face on students’ resumes. This will allow them to get to know each other better as they discuss and explore the students’ interests and experiences.
10.D My STEP PlanUnit 4: This is an important opportunity for pairs to work together to maximize how mentees are spending free time over the summer, developing knowledge, skills or experience. The mentor will also develop his or her Summer STEP Plan, which helps to deepen the pair relationship through mutual trust, encouragement, and accountability.
10.E Career Exploration Check-UpMid-Year: Each year, pairs will connect at one event to discuss and check-in on their “big picture” progress towards figuring out a happy and fulfilling life after high school. The program’s career exploration model is organized around four key questions: What do I like to do? What am I good at? What do I value? What can I get paid to do? Once a year, pairs will use a rubric based on those four questions, plus one more related to post-secondary pathways: How will I get there?
10.F Solving Problems TogetherUnit 5: This event provides students and their mentors time to work through the process of addressing challenges in person. Practicing the process of brainstorming solutions helps students become more comfortable directly addressing challenges to make a plan to move forward. Working on this together with their mentors helps build trust, as well as the likelihood that students will reach out when future challenges arise in high school and in the transition to an unfamiliar post-secondary environment.
10.G Growing Social CapitalUnit 6: This event provides students with an opportunity to plan for and to practice accessing their social capital. For many students, initiating conversations with the important adults in their lives can be intimidating. Students can gain confidence by practicing these conversations with their mentors. The process of receiving and incorporating feedback will also improve students’ communication skills and foster a growth mindset.
10.H End of Year CelebrationEnd-of-Year: In any relationship, long stretches without meaningful communication can be damaging. It is important for pairs to determine how and how often they will communicate over the summer as well as determine whether they will meet in-person, perhaps with their families or in a group with other mentor/mentee pairs if it is their first out-of-program meetup.
10.I Leveraging Your Mentor

End-of-Year: Mentors can be a valuable resource for mentees as they navigate personal challenges and the post-secondary process as well as figure out a career that interests them and how to pursue it. In this event, pairs reflect on their relationship and when mentees go to their mentors for help, and identify new ways mentors can support mentees.