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11A (Returning Pairs) Events

In the 11th Grade, returning pairs will explore how to connect their values, interests and skills to the job market, building interest in college for self-exploration and future earnings.  Pairs will explore and understand the "fit factors" each mentee is looking for in a college or post-secondary program. Pairs will collaborate on a College List that helps each student build a vision of college by comparing and contrasting a range of programs and institutions.

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Event Purpose Resources
11A.A Reconnecting Unit 1: This is the first event of the year. The goal for this event is to reconnect pairs and renew commitments to their work together in the upcoming year. Pairs will preview major milestones for 11th grade and reflect on the commitments they made in 10th grade, adjusting them accordingly based on what works, and what they can improve.
11A.B Choosing a Path Unit 2: This event gives students and mentors an opportunity to explore and compare the benefits and costs of various post-secondary pathways through a board game. In the game, students will choose different pathways from high school to a career of their choosing. Players record their "score" after each "year" after graduation in terms of credentials, social capital, and experience which translate into improved career outcomes and earning potential. Pairs will have time to play the game multiple times, creating opportunities to compare and discuss varied pathways from high school to career. The game provides an opportunity for pairs and groups to discuss the relationship between credentials, social capital experience and career outcomes.
11A.C College Research Unit 4 or Unit 5: This event provides the opportunity for mentors and mentees to research and evaluate college and post-secondary options. While pairs have been collaborating on PREP online, this event is a rare opportunity to sit together while exploring and discussing college and post-secondary options together.
11A.D Career Exploration Check-Up Mid-Year: Each year, pairs will connect at one event to discuss and check-in on their “big picture” progress towards figuring out a happy and fulfilling life after high school. The program’s career exploration model is organized around four key questions.  The rubric that pairs will use to reflect on their progress is organized the same way.  It’s important to set the expectation that pairs will probably not find themselves at “proficient” in most categories in 11th grade.
11A.E Campus Treasure Hunt Unit 5: It is critical that students have opportunities to visualize themselves on college campuses. The Campus Treasure Hunt activity asks students to imagine college life while gaining valuable knowledge about important support services that can help them transition. This can make college less intimidating.
11A.F Accessing Social Capital Unit 3: This event provides students with an opportunity to plan for and to practice accessing their social capital. Even after spending time with a mentor, students may feel uncomfortable asking other adults for help—especially when that help may be time-consuming. Students can gain confidence and learn how to request a letter of recommendation by practicing these conversations with their mentors. The process of receiving and incorporating feedback will also improve students’ communication skills and foster a growth mindset.
11A.G My PREP Plan Working on PREP and the College List as a mentor-mentee team provides a great opportunity for pairs to collaborate and practice honest feedback. Thinking as a team also encourages pairs to build trust.
11A.H End of Year Celebration Unit 5: In any relationship, long stretches without meaningful communication can be damaging. It is important for pairs to determine how and how often they will communicate over the summer as well as determine whether they will meet in-person—perhaps with their families or in a group with other mentor-mentee pairs if it is their first out-of-program meetup.
11A.I Pricing My Future Unit 6: This event gives students a chance to imagine and explore what their lives might look like many years into the future. During this event’s main activity, mentors will have the opportunity to reflect on how their lifestyles have changed over time. By sharing their experiences, mentors will help students better understand real-world situations and expenses they might not yet be familiar with, such as student loans bills and rent in their desired locations.
11A.J Leveraging Your Mentor

End-of-Year: Mentors can be a valuable resource for mentees as they navigate personal challenges and the post-secondary process as well as figure out a career that interests them and how to pursue it. In this event, pairs reflect on their relationship and when mentees go to their mentors for help, and identify new ways mentors can support mentees.