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Welcome to the Mentor Learning Center

Big goals for the 2 year college pathway

If your mentee is in a 2 year college pathway, your main goals are to: 

  • Continue to build a strong relationship with your mentee. This strong relationship will be the foundation for any work you do together in the future. 

  • Support your mentee in overcoming summer melt and sophomore melt to matriculate, start college, and return to college each semester.   

  • Support your mentee in successfully completing their Associate’s degree, helping them to adapt to the academic, social/emotional/cultural, and financial demands of being in college.  

  • Support your mentee in exploring transfer options, and in laying the groundwork for a smooth transition to a 4-year college. Help your mentee apply and transfer if appropriate.  

  • Help your mentee explore career options and lay the groundwork for career success, including meaningful summer activities and networking.

For more time-specific information about mentoring in this pathway, click on the appropriate season below for mentoring to-do lists, discussion starters and resources.