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About the Post-Secondary Program

This article provides you an overview of the iMentor Post-Secondary Success Program. As always, reach out to your Program Manager with any questions, comments, or concerns.

All young people need guidance, encouragement, decision-making support and a feeling of accountability as they transition into adulthood and the world of post-secondary education – whether college or another high-quality post-secondary option like a certificate program or “gap-year” organization like Outward Bound or City Year. For more resourced students, this support often comes from college-educated parents or personal networks of similar peers and families. iMentor seeks to bridge this gap for our students, the vast majority of whom will be of the first generation in their families to attain higher education. Watch the video below to hear advice from mentors and mentees who have already navigated this transition. 

Did you know that:

iMentor offers a comprehensive Post-Secondary Program that facilitates mentors and mentees continuing their fruitful high-school relationships to defy these odds and ensure that students complete their chosen post-secondary education option on the road to achieving their highest career aspirations.

The program includes:

  • Dedicated support from iMentor staff. Program Managers provide targeted advising support, outreach and resources help pairs and students to stay on track and persist in their chosen post-secondary pathway.
  • Guided support for multiple-pathways. Access to targeted curricular content and resources to support completion of Gap Year Programs, Certificate/Certification Programs, Two-Year College, Four-Year College, and the Military. Additional resources available to help students transition to and from employment to one of the four supported pathways.
  • Pathway-specific curricular resources.  A dedicated knowledge-base of proactive and just-in-time resources and tools to help students and mentors navigate potential pitfalls and maximize opportunities along the various pathways of higher education.
  • Intrusive Advising approach with text message nudges and reminders delivered to mentors and students to support pair engagement and drive student persistence.
  • Monthly Mentoring Discussion Guides to help pairs strengthen their relationship and ensure mentees stay on track to matriculate to and persist in their chosen pathway.
  • PSP Newsletters delivered monthly with important updates, announcements and curricular content and resources.

This combination of purposeful mentor-mentee interactions and guidance from the iMentor team will offer a unique set of supports for students as they pursue their individual post-secondary pathways towards the careers they most desire.

The commitment asked of each mentor-mentee pair is:

  • Communicate once per week and meet in-person or virtually (via Skype, FaceTime, etc). once per month
  • Provide regular updates to iMentor staff to maximize network of support for students and pairs. 
  • Engage in curricular conversations at least monthly to ensure students are on-track to persist in their chosen pathway
  • Participate in iMentor-sponsored summer workshops, advising sessions and pair events 

Additionally, we ask the mentors and students to share updates via a short online, smartphone-enabled surveys. With this communication loop in place, students can benefit from all of the counsel and resources of their mentors, as well as the entire iMentor team and broader network of support.

The measures of success for the Post-Secondary Success Program include:

  • Post-Secondary pathway enrollment, matriculation, persistence, and completion.
  • Tracking of students’ actions and milestone accomplishments related to their post-secondary success plans via advising sessions, surveys and additional outreach methods
  • Tracking of engagement with curricular content and resources on a dedicated knowledge base on the iMentor Learning Center

iMentor’s Post-Secondary Success Program, powered by mentors, is positioned to change the trajectory for students and ensure they achieve their educational goals in order to attain highest career aspirations.