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Welcome to the Mentor and Mentee Learning Center

Role of the Mentor in the Post-Secondary Program

Building off of the mentoring relationship established during high school, mentors will play an important role to ensure that mentees stay engaged with iMentor programming and their Program.  By reminding your mentee about advising and financial support, you will help them stay on track in their post-secondary journey. 

Mentors should communicate weekly and meet (in-person or virtually) each month. Each month, you should use the Mentoring Discussion Guides to discuss your relationship and the critical milestones students need to achieve to persist in their chosen pathway.  And by completing short surveys and sending updates to your Program Manager, you will help us best support you as a pair and your mentee on their path to post-secondary success.

See below for critical roles mentors will play in the Post-Secondary Program.
Encourage Mentee: Ensure iMentor students have the encouragement necessary to persist through challenges and feel that someone who knows and cares about them deeply has their back.
Identify Issues:Identifying issues early on and getting those issues back to PSP PMs. 
Generate Opportunities:Mentors leverage their own networks and social capital to identify and advocate for opportunities that can drive their mentee’s post-secondary success and career aspirations.  
Ensure Engagement:Mentors ensure strong engagement from their mentees in both iMentor’s PSP program and on their college campuses. 

Reach out to your Program Manager for questions or support.