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What is Summer Melt?

Did you know that between 10 and 40% of students who plan to go to college still don't make it to campus in the fall — even if they've been  accepted and paid their deposits?  This phenomenon is called "Summer Melt," and first generation college students are particularly vulnerable to it.  

Summer melt happens for a variety of reasons, but mostly because it takes a lot of work to enroll and attend college, and lots of that work needs to be done over the summer - at exactly the time when students usually lose the support of their high school guidance counselors. 

Take FAFSA verification, for example.  More than a quarter of students who qualify for federal financial aid are asked to verify their financial information the summer before college. Of those students, approximately 90,000 of them never provide the verification information, rendering themselves ineligible for aid, and unlikely to attend.  

So what can you do to avoid summer melt?  First, click here to make a personalized matriculation plan to help you get to college - not melt away.  

And don't forget to reach out for help - your mentor, your advisor, and other trusted adults can help you reach your goals!