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Communication Guides

Communication Guides are for mentors to help build their knowledge and provide direction for their ongoing support of mentees after high school. A Communication Guide is provided for each of the five pathways below. Mentors may choose to access multiple guides if more than one is relevant to their mentee's (changing) needs and plans after high school. 

About the Guides

After high school, your relationship with your mentee will look and feel different.  Since your mentee is no longer attending an iMentor class, your weekly communication will take a little more work.  Mentees may be less likely to respond to emails, and may even ignore text or phone calls for long stretches of time.

These silences  can be frustrating, because you care, and because there is so much to accomplish together to keep moving towards your mentee’s post-secondary goals.  We encourage you to do everything you can to keep in touch, but remember that a trusting relationship is a two-way commitment.

Don’t take it personally when your mentee flakes on a commitment or misses a scheduled call or meeting.  Be clear about your expectations, but manage your feelings.  Remember what a big transition your mentee is going through, and use this as a learning moment. For example, if your mentee misses a scheduled call with you, next time you talk, say something like, "I know things come up. Next time, if you can't make our call, just text me beforehand and let me know.”

If you remain a constant and reliable presence, your relationship will endure. Through the ups-and-downs after graduation, your relationship will find a new rhythm and you will build a new mentoring relationship as adults.

How to Use the Guides

This guide is designed to provide context and give you access to information as you support your mentee through the year after high school graduation.  It’s organized by month with suggested topics for conversation each month.  We suggest you skim this guide  when you first receive it, and later return to review each specific month, or couple of months, as you prepare to connect with your mentee each week.

There are five guides tailored for different pathways a mentee might follow immediately after high school. Over time, your mentee may move through several of these pathways, transferring between schools or re-entering school from work or a gap year.  Please feel free to access and use one or more of these guides that best align to the support your mentee may need.