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Welcome to the Mentor Learning Center

Conversations FAQs

What is Conversations?

Conversations is a flexible space for pairs to communicate outside of the structured curriculum. This tool, along with Lessons, will provide pairs with all the tools they need to build a meaningful relationship and engage in the curriculum.

How will I know if I receive a message through Conversations?

When you log in, you’ll see the message icon on the bottom right of the page. If a message is waiting for you, you’ll see a green number badge. To send or receive a message, simply click the pencil icon, then click where it says "1 new chat." This will open up the chat box.

You will also receive a notification message to your personal email address when you receive a Conversations message. The subject of the message will say "You have a new Conversations message from ____!" with your mentee's name in the subject. These messages will be sent once per class period, so that if your mentee sends you multiple messages you won't get multiple notifications.

What if my mentee doesn’t complete their lesson, but sends me a message through Conversations?

  • We understand the importance of both lessons and Conversations to help you to build your relationship and build skills with your mentee.
  • The weekly lessons are the priority, because they ensure pairs are covering topics critical for college success. So while responding to your mentee in Conversations, consider encouraging your mentee to engage with their lesson in your response.
  • Finally, model consistency by still completing the lesson even if your student didn’t. This consistent modeling and encouragement builds over time, helping your mentee to understand the importance of full participation in the program.

What if I have other questions?

Your designated staff person is always available to answer questions about the best way to leverage Conversations in your relationship.