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Welcome to the Mentor and Mentee Learning Center

Engaging Families

While not all relationships will involve working with families, some best practices are below if needed: 

  • Some families want to get to know you as a mentor, especially since you are spending significant time with their child. In the past, mentors have had calls with family members or introduced themselves over email. Please check with your Program Manager (PM) before connecting with parents as some districts have different rules around mentor/parent communication. 
  • There may be times you do not agree with advice a mentee has received from a parent or family member. You can present alternative viewpoints, but it is important not to overly contradict a family member's preferences or push too hard against it. 
  • If you are planning a college visit with your mentee, it may be nice to invite parents or guardians as well. This is an exciting time for them too!
  • Families and cultures are not a monolith. Make sure to avoid stereotypes or any assumptions about parent education, support, and capacity. Bring a strengths-based approach that acknowledges their family's assets.
  • All parents and guardians want their child to succeed. Their idea of success may just differ from yours. 
  • Families may have needs that require students to stay close to home. These can include caretaking, translation, financial support, etc.