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Gap year pathway: big goals and mentoring tasks

A gap year can be a powerful growth experience for students, and if your mentee is taking a gap year, you can and should continue to support them on their journey. If your mentee is currently or about to participate in a gap year program, your main goals should be to:

  • Continue to build a strong relationship with your mentee. This strong relationship will be the foundation for any work you do together in the future.
  • Support your mentee in making a smooth transition to the college of their choice. During their gap year, that means being aware of their college’s deadlines and process for deferring - and later confirming - enrollment.  
  • Support your mentee in building appropriate skills for personal, emotional, and financial health during their gap year. 
  • The summer before college, use the 2 year or 4 year college pathway guides to learn critical information about how to support your mentee in matriculating and graduating from college.  

Use the following checklist to make sure that you keep up with mentoring tasks.

✔ Continue to build your relationship with your mentee and iMentor: 

    (     ) Watch this video about what to expect now that your mentee has graduated.  

    (     ) Read this article about how to best communicate with your mentee.

✔ Go to your mentee’s college website - or call the college - to find out the deadline and process for deferring admission and re-enrolling. Communicate with your mentee to find out if they have deferred. 

✔ Put the deadline for your mentee to re-enroll in your calendar. Remind your mentee a month before the deadline.   

✔ Remind your mentee to renew their FAFSAStudents must renew their FAFSA every year to maintain financial aid eligibility, and your mentee can renew as soon as the application becomes available on October 1st.  

✔ Before your mentee’s gap year, use the PSP goal-setting project. If you know more about your mentee’s goals - whether they are personal, financial, career-based, or academic - you will be able to support them better.  

✔ The winter following your mentee’s graduation, visit the iMentor 2 year or 4 year college pathway guide and begin to use it.  An estimated 10-40% of freshman who have accepted a college offer just don’t make it to college. Following the iMentor college pathway guide will help you make a matriculation plan with your mentee to ensure that they are successful.