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Getting the Job: Creating your resume and LinkedIn profile

Whether you're looking for a job or an internship, you will need a resume and professional online profile to show off your interests, skills, and experience.  

If you don't already have a resume or professional profile, get started by making or updating your brag sheet.  A brag sheet is just what it sounds like: a list of the accomplishments, work, and skills that just might make you the perfect person to hire.

After you've gotten ready to brag, take the next step by making a resume or online professional profile.  

Creating a LinkedIn Profile 

A great way to begin building your professional profile and career is to create an online resume using LinkedIn. LinkedIn makes it easy to update and share your resume and helps you build a professional online identity.  It will also help you build and keep track of your network after high school and beyond. 

If you're still not convinced or want some tips to get started, check out this quick video from Sharespark about why and how to make a LinkedIn profile.  The video is aimed at students in high school, but has lots of useful info for college students too.  

Once you have the basics down, find out more about these ten steps to building a killer profile, and don't forget to get feedback from your mentor or other people you trust.  Here are some questions to get you started when you're looking for feedback.    

Making or Updating Your Resume 

Even if you already have a strong professional profile online, some jobs require an on-paper resume.  To get started with making or updating your resume, check out resumebuilder.com's collection of sample resumes and templates.  

If you're not sure what to put on your resume, watch this video specifically for students.  It has lots of specific and useful advice about how to make your experience as a student look good on a resume.