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If you failed a placement test

To take classes at any most colleges, you need to take placement tests in math, reading and writing. Maybe you breezed through all three. But if you failed one - or even all three - of the placement tests, you're not alone.  According to the National High School Center at the American Institutes for Research, only 25% of high school seniors who take the ACT are deemed fully college-ready.  

More than half of New York City high school students in the Class of 2017 needed additional help after high school to pass all of the tests. 

And if you did fail a placement test, the first thing to remember is that your test score does not define you. If you feel down about your score, click here to learn about and experience strength-based thinking

Once you pay attention to your own strengths and feel confident again, it's time to direct your attention back to those placement tests. Some colleges offer the opportunity to re-test if you came close to passing. If you do re-test, don't forget to study using materials that may be posted on your college's website.    

Some colleges offer immersion classes or summer boost programs to help you develop your skills. If you do wind up taking a developmental class, it may wind up laying the foundation for your academic success in college.