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Welcome to the Mentor Learning Center

Big goals for the non-enrolled pathway

If your mentee is not currently in an academic or training program, your main goals are to: 

  • Continue to build a strong relationship with your mentee. This strong relationship will be the foundation for any work you do together in the future. 

  • Support your mentee in building appropriate skills for personal, emotional, and financial health. 

  • Support your mentee in developing and using job-seeking and job-success skills. 

  • Encourage your mentee to develop - or at least explore - long term post-secondary options that will help them become financially comfortable and do work they enjoy. This will most likely include going back to school, either in the form of college or training/certification programs, and may include career exploration activities along the way.   

For more time-specific information about mentees in this pathway, click on the appropriate season below for timely discussion starters and resources.