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Job Training/Certification Pathway: goals and resources

Job training or certification can be the perfect option for students who want a well-paid job without the investment of time and commitment to academic rigor that a college degree would require. Depending on the student and the type of training program, this pathway can either be temporary while the student plans and saves to attend college, or it can support a long-term career path.   

If your mentee is attending a job training or certification program, or considering one, use the following checklist to help your mentee adapt to life after high school and succeed in their pathway:   

✔ Continue to build your relationship with your mentee and iMentor. 

(     ) Watch this video about what to expect now that your mentee has graduated.

(     ) Read this article about how to best communicate with your mentee.

(     ) Update your PSP program manager to let them know what your mentee is doing so that  your program manager can share the best resources possible with you as a pair.  

✔ Help your mentee choose a program that will benefit them, not just take their money. While high quality training and certification programs do exist, there are also a plethora of scams, and being able to identify a good program will make the difference between a solid career and years of debt.  

    (        ) Read this article on how to Know Before You Enroll, and share it with your mentee. 

    (        ) Offer to help your mentee research programs to find out about accreditation and graduation/job placement rates.  

✔ Help your mentee matriculate and get to their training or certification program. 

    (     ) No matter what season your mentee is starting their program, read here to learn about summer melt.  

(     ) Use your mentee’s program’s website and iMentor materials to make a matriculation plan with your mentee.  

(     ) Check in with your mentee once a week (or before key deadlines) to support them in meeting all deadlines and starting their program.  

✔ Research and find appropriate resources from other pathways to help your mentee succeed in their program and in the world of internships and work that the program will usher them into.   

(     ) If your mentee is in a longer, more academic program, follow along in the 2 year college pathway. You will find many similarities, from adjusting socially to preparing for exams.  

(      ) If your mentee is transitioning to an internship or work more quickly, browse these resources here on finding work and succeeding and these resources about money management and paying taxes.    

✔ Talk to your mentee about setting short-term and long-term goals.  

    (       ) Use the PSP goal-setting project to develop short-term goals with your mentee. The more you know about your mentee’s goals - whether they are personal, financial, career-based, or academic - the better you will be able to support them. 

    (      ) Encourage your mentee to think about what they want after the training. Do they hope to get a full-time job? Will they use their new job as a way to save for college, or settle in and try to move up at work?