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Learning Center.

Welcome to the Mentor Learning Center

List of Learning Modules

This article provides you a list of all online Learning Modules. This list will be periodically updated with new and updated trainings, which will be directly sent out to you - but feel free to return to this page as necessary. The modules are listed by grade, first with Universal modules for all mentors to access. As always, reach out to your Program Manager with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Click here to navigate to the Learning Modules​ sign-in page. Use this page to access any and all Learning Modules.

To learn how to access Learning Modules for the first time, click here.


Click on the landing page or module(s) below that correspond to the relevant time in your mentee's academic year. If you're waiting to be matched, start with the Summer learning modules. If you are matched already, and it's summer, feel free to access modules for your mentee's upcoming academic year, as well as any Universal modules you haven't yet had the opportunity to immerse yourself in.

Learning Modules Landing Page

  • Click here to navigate to the landing page that lists all the ongoing mentor trainings in the program. Use this page to access any and all ongoing mentor trainings. 
  • Below lists the individual trainings that are listed on the landing page. They are available to you year-round, regardless of what grade your mentee is in. This is meant to streamline the process of accessing ongoing mentor trainings year after year, or if you are in a re-match. 

Universal Trainings (relevant for all grades)

These trainings are relevant all year round, as well as acting as refreshers and general knowledge as you're waiting to be matched. They intend to help build and sustain momentum in your mentoring relationship throughout your length of match. Even though you will be directed to these modules from your Program Manager, we encourage mentors to watch these modules more than once. 

We expect mentors to have completed each of the Year Round Trainings within the academic year.

Grade-Specific Modules

These trainings are most timely and relevant in the fall months. We typically expect mentors to complete their respective grade training by October.