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Making it to Sophomore Year: Starting the Conversation

"As many as 1 in 3 first-year students won't make it back for sophomore year. The reasons run the gamut from family problems and loneliness to academic struggles and a lack of money."

More and more colleges are working to identify students who are at risk of dropping out after freshman year, but not all colleges are so proactive. Here are some ways you can help by opening up the conversation to figure out what the student needs to stay in school.    

  • Reflecting on this school year, how has it been?  What are the high-points and low-point? (Feel free to share stories from your own college experience, particularly the highs and lows you remember from your first year.

  • How likely are you to return to school next year?

  • What could prevent you from coming back to school and enrolling in classes next year?

  • If there was one thing you could change for your second year of college what would that be?