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Meeting up with your mentee after high school

Meeting up after high school is a crucial way to keep your relationship strong! In high school, you may have focused any expeditions on college visits. Now, meeting up can help your mentee continue to explore their academic and career options. For example, you can: 

  • Go on a college visit - or take a virtual tour - if your mentee is thinking about transferring or if they're not in school yet.   
  • Volunteer together. Volunteering can be a great way to engage meaningfully with your mentee while at the same time exploring their career options.  
  • Job visit. As your mentee considers their future career, seeing what a particular job looks like in action can help them choose a career pathway and motivate them to develop long-term educational and career goals.  
  • Mentor job shadow. Even if your mentee is not interested in the same career that you are in, visiting your workplace can provide valuable insight for your mentee, as well as motivation and professional connections.  

A pair outing can help your mentee build toward their educational and professional goals, but don't forget to have fun together. Occasionally meeting up with your mentee to enjoy their interests together can be a great way to strengthen your bond. Some (public) activities to try include: 

  • Try a new kind of food together. 
  • See a movie. 
  • Go to a video arcade. 
  • Play basketball.  
  • Go to a museum.