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Welcome to the Mentor Learning Center

AUGUST Class of 2018

Strengthening Your Mentoring Relationship and Planning for the Year Ahead

August is a busy time but a great time to talk about future plans.  This month, using the prompts below,  reflect on your mentoring relationship and discuss how you can utilize the resources and support provided by iMentor and your Program Manager. Whether you are planning to start college, a certification program or seeking employment, we have resources and Program Manager support for you!  Reach out to your Program Manager to share updates and access targeted support. 

Discussion Topic #1- Strengthening Your Mentoring Relationship and Planning for the Year Ahead

If you were not able to use your July meeting to discuss your relationship, start by sharing your own candid reflections on your relationship this year.  

Share the following with your mentee and then ask them to share their thoughts using the same prompts. 

  • A time you inspired me….  

  • A topic I want to discuss more with you…  

  • An experience I would like us to share together this summer… 

 Use the prompts below to revisit and solidify plans for how you will stay in touch and when / where you will meet each month (in-person or virtually). 

  • The best way for us to stay in touch this summer is…. 

  • I am committed to meeting every month this summer and the best time/place would be… 

 Use this time to schedule your next in-person or virtual meetings (July and August).  

  • Enter the dates/times into a calendar or planner (consider using a shared google calendar and sending invites for those dates/times during your meeting). 

  • Remember to schedule reminders for these meetings and discuss how you will notify each other if you need to reschedule. 

  • Discuss and plan for a pair outing this summer.  

Discussion Topic #2- Planning for the Year Ahead

Your iMentor Program Manager and other PSP staff are ready to support you this summer. 

Using the prompts below, discuss mentee plans and the support you need from iMentor

  1. Are you considering attending college? If yes, check out the video "Applying After HS" on the Learning Center. 

  2. Are you interested in a certification program or seeking employment? If yes, check out our list of recommended programs and employment opportunities.

 NATIONAL Opportunities 

CHICAGO Regional Opportunities 

BAY AREA Regional Opportunities 

NYC Regional Opportunities 

    3.   Do you need advising support from your Program Manager? Reach out to schedule time to meet.