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Non-enrolled pathway: first fall after high school

If your mentee is not enrolled in college or post-secondary training, here are your mentoring tasks for the fall after high school. You can click here to download a printable version of the checklist.  

✔ Continue to build your relationship with your mentee. 

(     ) Part of this may include noticing and managing any frustration or helplessness you feel about your mentee not being in college right now, or confusion about how your role may be changing. Check out these iMentor tips for when your mentee is not in college.   

✔ Check in with your mentee about how they are feeling in this strange “back to school” time. Read and use these ideas for talking about mental health with your mentee.   

✔ Work with your mentee to set a few specific goals for the semester. 

(       ) Use the PSP goal-planning worksheet to set a goal together and understand your role.  

✔ Continue to encourage your mentee to explore their personal and professional interests, and to consider the possibility of post-secondary education or training.

(       ) Read and use this iMentor guide to talking to your mentee about going back to school and share these tips for career exploration.      

✔ Learn and remind your mentee about important dates, such as when FAFSA becomes available (October 1st) and voter registration deadlines (in October or November; specific deadlines vary by state). 

Starter questions: 

  • How is your job? How are things going with your family? 

  • What makes you happiest these days? 

  • What are your friends doing this fall? 

  • Are you thinking about going back to school this spring? 

  • Do you have enough hours at work to cover what you need? 

  • Are you getting enough sleep? 

  • What’s your boss like? What’s the best thing your boss does? What’s the worst? How about your coworkers? 

  • -What are you most excited to do, or who are you most excited to see, over the holidays? 

  • I want to know more about how I can support you. Would you be willing to meet for _____ and tell me about a goal you have for yourself? 

Key takeaways: 

Your mentee may really start to feel the difference in the fall after high school. After all, this will be their first September without going back to school in a long time. 

Your mentee may really enjoying their newfound free time, or the ability to earn more money than they could in high school. They may also feel left behind or worried about the future, particularly if many of their friends have left for college. 

Your mentee may have entered into a new dynamic with family members - either as a caretaker if they stayed home to take care of family - or they may be experiencing conflict with a family that wanted them to go to college. 

If your mentee had a seasonal job over the summer, they may be looking for a new, more permanent job, or tentatively thinking about going back to school or starting a training program. Either way, by October or November, they will be settling into a new “post-school” routine.  

With the start of the holidays in December, mentees may be excited (or nervous) to see family and friends, particularly friends who have been away for the semester. Mentees who work in retail may also experience a holiday rush and feel very busy.