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Planning for the Summer

Make the Most of Summer Break 

Summer is an essential part of the college experience, so it's never too early or late to start planning for a summer that will set students up for success.  Over the summer, students can gain experience, explore their interests, and and build their resumes - while getting paid.  

Students may also want to consider taking required classes to help lighten their course load during the school year, earn transferable credits, or ensure they’re on track to earn their degree.  At many colleges, summer terms can be structured differently to allow students to catch-up or get-ahead at lower cost than fall or spring semesters.

If you're not planning to take classes full-time, you might want to consider doing an internship over the summer.  You apply for an internship just like you would apply to any other job, so if you want help with building a resume and professional profile for your applications, click here.