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Post-Secondary Success Project Plan & Vision

Through scaffolded activities, The Post-Secondary Success Project Plan & Vision help to build a foundation for a mentee's college and career readiness. This portfolio of work consists of broad-based knowledge and skills that graduates can put to good use regardless of your specific educational or career objectives. College and career readiness ensures that students are prepared for college-level courses upon matriculation, and/or for jobs that earn family-sustaining wages. The skills should include whatever skills are required to succeed in credit-bearing courses at the post-secondary level, since all students should be prepared for post-secondary education or training whether they pursue degrees or workforce training. 

Note: The activities mentioned below are directly integrated within Canvas lessons, so you won't need to navigate to the Post-Sec Plan and Vision outside of the curriculum. However, you may access them any time by clicking on "My Files" in the hamburger menu on the platform. 

How to Use the Post-Sec Vision

You will walk through various activities and questions that helps build career readiness and vision.

  1. Exploring Career Pathways
    • What are my skills and interests?
    • Career Values
    • Career Ladder
  2. Building a Foundation
    • Aspirational Resumes - Visualizing your Future

How to Use the Post-Sec Plan

You will walk through six stages for creating a Post-Secondary Success Plan:

  1. Application Deadlines
  2. Application Task List
  3. Fit Factors
  4. Financial Aid Comparison
  5. Matriculation Plan
  6. Managing a Career Plan

Within each section lays different activities that will guide you through creating an actionable roadmap to become work, job, and career ready. Use this guide in order to know what to improve on, what to advocate for, and how to achieve success after high school.

Where to Find the Plan & Vision

There are two versions of the plan - a digital and hard copy. Access them by clicking on the links below. Remember, if you want to better customize the PDF version to fit the needs of the pair, simply do so by opening the file in Microsoft Word

How to save and edit/print your own copy

  • Navigate to one of the resources listed above.
  • To download a hard copy: go to  File ->Download as
  • To save a digital copy: go to  File ->Make a copy...

Note: you will have to be signed into Google in order to save a copy. Saving a copy allows you to edit the documents as necessary.

What lessons have the Post-Sec Project Plan and Vision integrated?