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12th Grade Self-Advocacy Scenarios

This article will equip you with some talking points when situations come up that your mentee may need to advocate for themselves. Review the situations so you’re prepared to guide your mentee when they need help, answers, or resources.


"I don’t know if the college I applied to has everything they need for my application."

  • Have your mentee contact college admission offices to make sure they have received everything they need for your mentee's application. Your mentee can find these numbers on the colleges’ websites.

"My parents do not want to give me their tax documents to complete the FAFSA."

  • Tell you mentee that, "you learned so much about the financial aid process in iMentor's class! Teach your parents about the process and explain that sharing accurate info about their income is the only way you can receive federal financial aid."

"I’m nervous about graduating from high school on time."

  • Have your mentee go to their guidance counselor. They should be able to tell your mentee how many credits they have, the number of exams they have to pass, if they're programmed into the correct classes, and direct them to resources that will help your mentee stay on track. The sooner your mentee does this, the better.

"I really like this college, but my parents do not want me to go because it’s not in ___."

  • Have your mentee talk to their parents about the reasons they think the college your mentee wants to go to is a good fit for them, and the benefits of attending that school.
  • Have your mentee ask their parents to share why they do not want you to leave ___. Maybe your mentee can ease some of their concerns by addressing some of the things they’re worried about.

"I/my parents are not U.S. citizens. I do not know if I qualify for financial aid."

  • Tell your mentee that they have options. Tell your mentee to share their/parents’ status with their Program Manager. They can help your mentee figure out the best way to go about applying for financial aid and scholarships.