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Stopping Summer Melt: Making a Matriculation Plan

Even after a student is accepted, getting to college is not easy! Each college is different, but in each case, there are many steps to take, forms to submit, and deadlines to meet.  

You can help your mentee make it to college by familiarizing yourself the details of your mentee’s particular program. In some cases, you will not be able to find the deadline until after your mentee has taken a particular step.  

To aid in your research, open the iMentor Summer Melt Matriculation Plan here.  Then: 

  • Most colleges have an "admitted students" section of their website, with a checklist of key tasks for students. Go to your mentee’s college website and find the section for admitted students. Skim for deadlines and requirements.    
  • Fill in the scavenger hunt chart with the key information from your mentee's college website to make a plan.  If any of the topics on the list didn't come up in your search of the college's website, try to find more information about it.