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Welcome to the Mentor and Mentee Learning Center

Supporting your Mentee with College Research

During the second half of 11th grade, you will be supporting your mentee with their college and post-secondary research. Watch this video to learn more about your role in this process and download resources below. 

Download the questions from the video to ask your mentee about their college research.

Explore this page on the Mentor Learning Center to learn more about fit factors.

Watch the videos we created for students to learn about fit factors:
Do a virtual college tour and learn more about colleges your mentee in researching.  Use You Visit to find colleges to tour. If you and your mentee have been approved for a Pair Expedition, you could do a virtual tour together.

Explore this page on the Mentor Learning Center for supporting undocumented students with the college application process.

When you begin doing research with your mentee, they will share their selectivity band with you. Use this chart to learn more about what their band means.

Watch this video about an iMentor pair and how the mentor, Munim, supported Daniel with his college search and how their relationship evolved after Daniel went to a small liberal arts college.