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Welcome to the Mentor Learning Center

Tasks and Announcements

Occasionally, mentors and mentees will receive tasks and announcements on their Homepage. These can be anything from an event invite to a link to a a video to the monthly pair rater. Program managers use this feature to communicate with their pairs in an easy, efficient manner. Keep reading for more info about the different kinds of tasks and announcements!

Types of Announcements

There are six types of tasks and announcements.

  1. Pop-up - This appears immediately upon logging in and requires an action before moving forward with the Platform. Clicking "Got it" will dismiss the pop-up forever. Clicking "Remind me next time" will close the notification temporarily, but it will appear again the next time you go to the Homepage.
  2. Banners - These show up at the top of the Homepage, but don't require an action to continue using the Platform. Simply scroll down to view your messages, the current Lesson, etc. These can also be dismissed by clicking the green button.
  3. Notification Feed - Some notifications will only appear in the notification feed. This is a drop-down menu that holds all current and previous notifications received, and can be found next to the Conversations icon.When clicked, it will list notifications in chronological order. Scroll down to view older announcements:
  4.  Event Invites
    • Collecting RSVPs to events is an important part in the event planning process. The RSVP Task is automatically created once a pair is invited to an event. The event invite will contain all the critical information: event date and time, a location with a clickable link that opens a new tab in Google Maps allowing the user to get directions, and whether the user's match is planning on attending. Users can click the “I’m going.” button to RSVP Yes, the “I’m not going.” button to RSVP no, or the “I’m not sure yet.” button that will show the Task the next time the page is loaded.
    • If "I'm not going" is selected, users must add a comment explaining why they can't go.
  5. Surveys
    • Mentor and mentee surveys are distributed three times a year and will show up as a pop-up Task. The Survey Task shows once a user is invited to a survey, comes with an estimation of how long it will take, and links to the survey through the “Take the survey” button. The Task will close once a user clicks on the button, but the user must complete the survey to ensure the Task does not show up in the future.
  6. Pair Rater
    • The Pair Rater Task asks mentors and mentees to relate their relationship on a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 is no relationship at all and 10 is the best possible relationship. For reference, the Pair Rater Task also shows the user what their last rating was. This task shows up automatically every month once a pair is matched.
  7. Information Confirmation
    • Every now and again, iMentor will ask to confirm your information. This could range from your name to your email to your employer. We just want to make sure all our records are up to date and we have a place to reach you if needed!


If you have any questions/comments, please reach out to [email protected] - we're happy to help!