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Welcome to the Mentor and Mentee Learning Center

The Many Roles of an Effective Mentor

As a mentor, you play a fluid role with your mentee. You supplement the parents, teachers, counselors, and other caring adults in their lives to ensure that students can successfully graduate high school and plan a future that’s best for them.

Over the years, you’ve worn many hats when building a trusting, caring relationship with your mentee: You’ve been a guide, a cheerleader, a thought partner, and more. This year, we’re asking that you take it even further in the curriculum. In this pivotal, transitional period of your mentee’s education, your nuanced approach to mentoring will make all the difference.

We will be here every step of the way, providing guidance on how to inhabit your roles most fully and ensuring that your mentorship is as effective as possible.

Please start with the following chart that defines the roles you have played in your mentee’s life and will take on this year in an even more strategic and transformational way!

Roles of an Effective Mentor

The image below offers overview of each role, its main goal, and the value it plays in the program.