Welcome to the
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Welcome to the Mentor Learning Center

The mentor roadmap

This article gives a broad overview of what you can expect in the iMentor program from the moment you fill out your application all the way through the end of your mentee/mentor match. Everyone's experience will be inherently different, so use the timeline below as general guidance of what to expect.

1. Entry Point

How you hear about us

You might hear from your friend to check out the program, be directed to our website, attend a coporate infosession and other events, or receive some promotional materials. People enter the program from various of avenues. 


Your first step to becoming a mentor begins with the application. Make sure to fill it out as soon and as quickly as possible to ensure a more expeditited process through the matching process. 

2. Application Follow-Up

Mentor Orientation

You'll attend an orientation either at the iMentor office, or an external location. There, you'll get a broad overview of the program, what to expect and is expected, what our mentoring relationships looks like, and fill out some simple paperwork. You'll have the chance to sign up for a 30 minute phone call with a screening staff person, and an appointing to get fingerprinted. We provide food and drinks. 

Interview phone call

At your earliest convenience, we set up a 30 minute phone call with every mentor applicant to ask some general questions about you and your interest in the program. We also email your references during this time. 


We ask all applicants to get fingerprinted so we can ensure a clean background check. We are committed to safety standards, as well as aligning with schools' rules and regulations. Even if you've been fingerprinted in the past, you will still have to get fingerprinted within our program.

3. Ready to Be Matched (RTBM)

Introduction to mentoring

As we take the time to coordinate mentee and mentor preferences, you'll have a waiting period to explore resources here on the Mentor Learning Center, and to ask any outstanding questions you may have. Our staff does a great job in keeping in contact as we find each of our mentees a great mentor. This period of time varies for everyone depending on when you first completed your application, and can range from a few days to a few months. Many factors can affect the length of RTBM status, from school schedules to changes in mentee preferences. 

Pair Support

After you've been matched with a mentee, you will receive an introductory phone call from one of our program managers to inform you more about the school your mentee attends, general saftey protocols, stats and figures to help you situate your understand of the education landscape, and a place to answer any further questions you may have. 

4. iMentor Program Begin

Weekly online communication

You will login into the iMentor Platform every week to complete your weekly Lesson. You will also have the chance to talk to your mentee on Conversations, an informal chat service on our platform. As your pair relationship grows and strengthens over time you may need less guidance using our platform tools, but we want to provide as much support up front as necessary for those who need it.

Monthly in-person events

Every month iMentor hosts an event at your mentee's school. You'll get to meet in-person to catch up, eat some food, meet your mentee's friends, and come together to do an activity relating to your current unit in the curriculum. These events act as an informal space to get to know your mentee more, and futher their college process along. At the end of every event, your program manager will get all the mentors together to make any announcements, ask for feedback, answer any questions, and allow a space for mentors to hear from each other about wins and challenges they are facing. You will receive a notification on the platform when you can RSVP for an upcoming event.

Ongoing Pair Support

Throughout your time as a matched pair, your program manager will update you on your mentee's progress, upcoming events in the program and/or at your mentee's specific school, how to further build your mentoring skills, and check-ins along the way.

Out of program meetings (OOPs)

Your program manager will let you know when you, your mentee, and your mentee's family may sign-off to permission meeting your mentee out of program. This can be lunch at your mentee's school, visiting museums, visiting colleges, visiting your workplace, or just hanging out and getting to know each other a little more. These meetings to not serve as replacement to monthly in-person events, but can supplement the program and curriculum.