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Welcome to the Mentor Learning Center

4 Year Pathway: The summer after high school

Here is a checklist of mentor tasks for the summer after high school. Click here to download and print your checklist

✔ Continue to build your relationship with your mentee and iMentor: 

    (     ) Watch this video about what to expect now that your mentee has graduated.   

    (     ) Read this article about how to best communicate with your mentee.  

    (     ) Get your mentee’s college email address and share it with the PSP program manager at iMentor. 

✔ Help your mentee matriculate and get to college. 

    (     ) Read here to learn about summer melt.  

   (     ) Use your mentee’s college website and iMentor materials to make a matriculation plan with your mentee

    (     ) Check in with your mentee once a week (or before key deadlines) to support them in meeting all deadlines and starting college.  

✔ Celebrate and adjust to changes as they happen.  

    (    ) Celebrate your mentee and yourself when they get to college. You’ve both worked hard for this moment!

    (     ) People sometimes miss deadlines. If your mentee misses one, help them get back on track, both logistically and emotionally.  

 (     ) If your mentee needs to take the semester off, you can support them in a different pathway. Make sure to update your PSP program manager so that they can send you and your mentee the best possible resources and reminders, and read about your mentee’s pathway here

Starter Questions 

  • What are you doing this summer? What are your plans for the fall? 

  • How should we communicate now that you’ve graduated?  Do you want to meet up for _[an activity your mentee enjoys]__ ?

  • Do you have a college email yet? Do you check it regularly? Should I email you there? 

  • Did you have to take placement tests? How did they go? (Information about what happens if your mentee fails a placement test here.) 

  • What feels best about the idea of starting college? What feels scary or challenging?  

  • Let’s review your matriculation plan together. What have you gotten done on it? What’s the biggest thing coming up? 

  • Do you know where you’ll be living in the fall? Do you know how you’re planning to get to college? 

  • Do you know when payment is due? 

  • Do you know what books and supplies you need? (Ideas for saving money on books here.) 

Key takeaways and milestones 

If your mentee just graduated from high school and was accepted into college, it may feel like your work is done. And you certainly should take time to celebrate.  

But the summer before college comes with a long list of tasks that can prevent even the most accomplished of students from matriculating. These tasks include registering for a college email address and taking placement exams to attending orientation, registering for classes, attending any required or optional summer courses to verifying financial aid and choosing a payment plan, and figuring out supplies, housing and transportation. No wonder 10-40% of college-accepted students simply “melt” away over the summer.    

As a mentor, you can help your mentee stay on top of these tasks, while also celebrating and encouraging them.