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After Submitting College Applications

This article is meant to provide you an overview of what you and your mentee should keep an eye out for after they submitted their college applications. If you have any specific questions, reach out directly to your Program Manager.

Follow the check list below after your mentee submitted their college application to confirm that all required materials have been received:

What do mentees need to do? 

How can mentors help?  

Contact colleges and verify that all information was received (including supplemental forms for Opportunity Programs, if applicable)  

  • Remind mentee to check mail, email and online portals for notifications from colleges. 
  • Support mentee with reaching out to colleges to resolve questions. 

Complete all forms if flagged for financial verification 

  • Encourage mentee to bring in forms to their counselors and Program Managers. 
  • Support mentee with reaching out to colleges to resolve questions.

Research and apply for scholarships 

  • Give mentee information on scholarship sites. 
  • Support them with completing applications, essays, and other materials.

Maintain grades to stay on track for graduation 

  • Remind mentee that final semester grades will be reviewed by colleges. 
  • Encourage mentee to meet with high school counselor to review credit accumulation and high school exam requirements. 

Compare financial aid award letters 

  • Make sure mentee understand the differences between grants, scholarships, and loans. 
  • Help mentee breakdown their financial aid award letters so they understand how much each of their options cost.
  • Talk to mentee about options for addressing gaps in financial aid.     

Register and prepare for any required placement tests  

  • Remind mentee to check their email and snail mail for notifications about placement tests.
  • Encourage mentee to research test preparation resources.

Visit colleges you are considering or sign up for a virtual tour 

  • Support mentee with registering for Admitted Student Days.
  • Direct mentee to websites like youvisit.com for virtual tours. 

If you are not attending college directly after high school, make sure you review and discuss your plan and options 

  • Encourage mentee to think about responsibilities, goals, and how they will support themselves next year.
  • Reach out to Program Manager to get information about high-quality postsecondary programs that best fit your mentees needs and interests.

Discuss your options and make postsecondary decision (college or alternate pathway) 

  • Help mentee identify what is important to them right now (ex. staying close to home, college affordability, being able to support themselves financially) and in the future 
  • Use websites like collegeresults.org and ProPublica Debt by Degrees to research graduation rates and debt projection.  
  • Make sure mentee understand the cost of their college and have a plan to cover any gaps and out-of-pocket costs 
  • Have mentee compare and review information on alternate postsecondary options considering cost, type of credential, length of completion, and career placement support.