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Using your mentor to kickstart your networking

You've already built a mentoring relationship with a professional: now your mentor can serve as an excellent resource as you research and build your career. Whether you just finished high school, or are close to college graduation, it's never too early or late to build your professional knowledge and network. Read on, or watch this video for ideas about how your mentor can help you network. 

1. If your mentor works in a field that you're interested in, ask to shadow them at work. You will get a real feeling for what a day on the job is like, and you can meet their colleagues.      

2. Ask your mentor to help you build a list of people to conduct an informational interview with. If your mentor works in a field that you are interested in, they may be able to introduce you to lots of people who you should know. But even if they work in a completely different field, they may have gone to college with someone who is now in your field, or have a friend of a friend who you can talk to. At the very least, they can help brainstorm professional organizations or other contacts you can reach out to. Try to make a list of at least five people to interview.  

3. Ask your mentor to do a practice informational interview with you. Even if you already know a lot about your mentor's job, you can imagine that you are asking questions for the first time. You will get more comfortable asking these kinds of questions - and you may even discover something new about your mentor's career or connections.

4. You can also ask your mentor to help you edit any of your informational interviewing or job-seeking materials, from your resume and LinkedIn profile to the thank you email that you write to follow up on an interview.