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What is Conversations?

Conversations is a flexible space for pairs to communicate outside of the structured curriculum. This tool, along with Lessons, will provide pairs with all the tools they need to build a meaningful relationship and engage in the curriculum.

What can we use Conversations to talk about?

The choice is yours! You can use Conversations to communicate about everything outside of the lesson prompts: share progress towards a goal, fill each other in on weekend plans, discuss a movie, share articles, check in during school break. Conversations is the flexible space to build your relationship and work towards your goals.

How do Conversations and Lessons work together?

To ensure all students are college-ready, we know there are important topics to discuss and skills to develop. Each week, pairs should prioritize their lesson to ensure mentees have access to the right resources and consider the right questions at the right time. Conversations is a complement to lessons, allowing pairs the structure and flexibility they need to become college ready and build their relationship along the way.

For mentors who have additional questions, check out Conversations FAQs for Mentors.