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Welcome to the Mentor Learning Center

Additional Resources

Educational Equity

Read the resources in the guide below to gain a better understanding of the current realities facing many of iMentor's students.

Using the Platform

The iMentor Platform is a web-based tool that allows our mentors and mentees to communicate with each other online while also allowing staff to manage information about our participants and track their participation in our program. The iMentor Platform is the only tool developed entirely in-house.

Supporting Undocumented Students

iMentor is a whole school model and we strive to create classrooms where all of our students feel included and a sense of trust, comfort and affirmation. To follow are resources for supporting undocumented students that can also be shared with our students and their families. You will also find resources about supporting undocumented students with the college application process in the College Knowledge section of this Learning Center.

Racial Justice Resource Kit

iMentor stands  with our Black colleagues, mentors, students, friends and family members and commit to taking all the actions we can to implement an anti-racist agenda.  We have complied a list of resources and action steps for mentors to deepen their knowledge of anti-racism work in the US and to collectively create a more just and equitable world.