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Pair Expedition Guides

iMentor pairs do a lot of things on a Pair Expedition. As long as the activity is age appropriate and encourages growth in your relationship we encourage you to be creative with your plans. Some common examples include: parks, museums, appropriate movies, dinners, or college visits. 

Don't forget to review How to Request a Pair Expedition as you plan yours with your mentee!

Check out some of our Pair Expeditions guides to help you plan:

For mentors in New York, Baltimore and Oakland only. Chicago mentors cannot do virtual Pair Expeditions:

We encourage you to do an in-person Pair Expedition with your mentee, but sometimes that is not possible. virtual Pair Expeditions are also a way to deepen your relationship. You need to follow the same guidelines to request a virtual Pair Expedition as an in-person one. Check out some of our virtual Pair Expedition guides: