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Welcome to the Mentor Learning Center

Digital Aspects of the iMentor Program

While in-person mentor-mentee events are a key part of the iMentor model, the program also has a large online component.  Mentors will need a level of comfort with digital communication and technology in order to successfully support their mentees.  

Mentors will need a computer with internet access in order to use our web based Platform and join virtual pair events and trainings.  Mentors are strongly encouraged to download the iMentor mobile app as well so that keeping in touch with their mentee, as well as completing short program tasks, can be done quickly and easily from any location.  For more details about the technical specifications required, see this article

During your time as a mentor, you will be asked to explore and use tools that may be unfamiliar to you at first.  The Mentor Learning Center has articles and tutorials to help you learn about every aspect of participating in the iMentor program.  This article is a great place to acclimate yourself to the Platform and explore tools as they become relevant to your pair relationship.  iMentor also offers technical support which can be reached by sending an email to [email protected].

Below, a list of tasks mentors will be commonly asked to complete throughout the duration of their pair relationship is presented.  Please note that this list may change over time as iMentor works to continuously improve our technology and pair experience.

  • Filling out and submitting digital paperwork such as Mentor Contracts and program consent forms
  • Downloading and using the iMentor mobile app
  • Use the iMentor Platform and/or mobile app to RSVP to upcoming events, read/respond to messages from mentees and answer surveys about your program experience. 
  • Communicating with Program Managers via email
  • Reading articles online and using search engines to find information relevant to you pair relationship
  • Using Zoom or other video conferencing tools to participate in virutal mentee-mentor meetings and mentor trainings  
  • Participating in online self-directed training which may include videos and quizzes

If you have any questions regarding the information in this article, please reach out to your iMentor Screener or Program Manager.  We are always happy to help!