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Welcome to the Mentor Learning Center

Preparing for Senior Year (Phase One)

In this phase, you will work collaboratively with our program to re-engage and build excitement for the 12th grade. You will revisit your mentee’s career interests and understand how these career interests align with post-secondary pathways. At the end of this phase, you will understand what is expected this year, be reconnected with your mentee, and be prepared to launch into the application process.

Download a two-page overview of the 12th grade phases. 

Resource TitleDescription
12th Grade Mentor Fall Coaching Script
Our fall coaching script has prompts for you to help guide your conversation with your mentee as you all refine  college list and complete college & pro-pathway applications. 
12th Grade Timeline
The 12th grade timeline lists resources that are relevant for senior year broken up by months. 
12 Phase 1 Checklist
Use this checklist to stay on track for tasks you should complete during phase one of 12th grade. 
Mentor Module: Being a First-Generation College StudentComplete a short module to understand the common successes and struggles that first-generation college students in our program face. Follow the following three steps to access and complete the module:

Step 1: Log into Platform and click on the Mentor Training on the left-hand side navigation bar.

Step 2: Click on "Being a First-Generation College Student"Step 3: Click on "Enroll for Free"