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Welcome to the Mentor Learning Center

Baltimore region mentoring rules

In addition to the general safety rules, expectations, and boundaries within the iMentor program, each iMentor region has distinct rules put in place through our partnerships with the local school districts and state authorities. Please review the following Baltimore region specific expectations.

Additional Communication Rules

As a reminder, iMentor’s platform and app are the primary and preferred method of communication between pairs. However, in addition to the platform, participants may use the following additional communication tools on a case by case basis:

  • You and your mentee MAY communicate in the following ways for quick check ins (E.g. to confirm event attendance, birthday wishes, congratulations on an accomplishment, etc.) using:
    • SMS or wifi-texting applications (whatsapp, etc.)
    • Voice phone calls
  • With explicit prior permission from your Program Manager, you and your mentee MAY follow each other on LinkedIn. You MAY NOT use LinkedIn to communicate with your mentee. 
  • With explicit prior permission from your Program Manager, you and your mentee MAY engage in an online activity separate from the platform (online game, webinar, college tour).
  • You MAY speak with your mentee’s parents over phone or via text message; ask your PM for more information on how to connect in this way.
  • You and your mentee MAY use Google documents to collaborate on documents like a resume or college essay. In those situations, your Program Manager will invite you to collaborate with your mentee on a shared google document, or you will be able to access a google doc within the iMentor Platform. Please do not ask your mentee to directly share a google doc with you or directly share google docs with them. Consult your Program Manager with any questions.

Gift Giving Rules

There may be times during your pair relationship where you would like to give a gift or provide support for your mentee. While gift giving is generally allowed, you must reach out to your Program Manager for approval of the gift before you give it to your mentee.

Guidance for giving gifts:

  1. Gifts to celebrate or recognize a milestone or achievement (birthday gift, holiday gift, graduation gift, etc.).
  2. Gifts should not be extravagant; it is best when gifts are appropriately priced and connected to your mentee's interests, hobbies, or post-secondary aspirations.
  3. Gifts should only be for your student; mentors should refrain from providing gifts for a mentee's household.
  4. Gifts should be one off, and not of a continuous nature (phone plans, subscriptions, etc.).
  5. Mentors may pay for experiences with a mentee during a Pair Expedition (see Pair Expedition Rules), like a movie ticket, a dinner, or to help cover the cost of transportation. 

Pair Expedition Rules

Pair Expeditions are are a way for you to meet with your mentee beyond the monthly facilitated pair events. Pair Expeditions allow you and your mentee to expand on the curriculum through further exploration of their interests and aspirations. Pairs may meet either In-Person or Virtually for a Pair Expedition. 

How can I qualify to be Pair Expedition approved?

Pair Expeditions may only take place:

  1. After a pair has been matched and participating in the program for at least three [3] months (with some exceptions for seniors);
  2. Once a signed Pair Expedition consent form has been received by iMentor; and 
  3. After a mentor has been formally approved for an individual activity by their Program Manager. 

Meeting with a mentee outside of facilitated iMentor activities without this approval may lead to your dismissal from the program.

To learn more about how to become approved for Pair Expeditions, see the Pair Expeditions Article

What are the rules of Pair Expeditions?

Once you have been approved to go on a Pair Expedition, mentors are responsible for the following rules:

  1. Pairs may go on one [1] Pair Expedition a month, with some exceptions - ask your Program Manager for more information. 
  2. Mentors may take a student to an activity during reasonable hours (ex. not going to a concert that starts late on a school night). This is the case for virtual meetings as well. 
  3. Activities should be appropriate for the age of the mentee (ex. Do not go to a Rated R film with a 15 year old student, do not play a Mature rated video game online with a student under 18).
  4. Activities should take place at appropriate venues (baseball game, not a bar). Both in-person and virtual meetings must take place in public spaces (can not face time from private rooms, etc.)
  5. Mentors should refrain from drinking while with their mentee.
  6. Mentors may only take their approved mentee and/or the mentee's parent/guardian on a Pair Expedition. Younger siblings, friends of the mentee, and/or friends of the mentor are not permitted.
  7. Pairs may travel using public transportation together to and from an activity (including cabs).
  8. Mentors and mentees are NOT allowed to be at each other's homes, regardless of parental approval.
  9. Pairs may NOT travel overnight to activities together, or share accommodations. 
  10. Pairs may NOT participate in water related activities
  11. Pairs may NOT participate in activities that require additional parental consent (skydiving, axe throwing, etc.).
  12. In certain circumstances, Pairs may be able to invite a third party to a Pair Expedition for the purposes of an informational interview. Please speak with your Program Manager for details. 

For further questions about Pair Expeditions, please reach out to your Program Manager.