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Legal Resources in San Jose

Services Immigrant Rights & Education Network  (SIREN) represents clients in detained and non-detained removal defense, asylum applications, family-based visa petitions and adjustment of status. They also explain rights, as well as the requirements and process for applying. They screen for eligibility. If you qualify, and based on their capacity, they fill out, review, and submit your application for a nominal fee. They also provide resources and answer your questions or concerns about immigration.

The Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County provides quality immigration legal services to those in need and to advocate for social justice and immigrant rights. They aimed for equitable access to legal services, fostering and preserving the family structure through family reunification, and promoting self-esteem through acquisition of legal status.

Community Legal Services helps clients learn about and apply for forms of immigration relief that they may be eligible for. They focus on helping immigrant survivors of domestic violence and other crimes, refugees and asylum seekers, immigrant youth and young adults and immigrants facing deportation in court.