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Pair Expeditions

Pair Expeditions (formerly known as Out of Program Meetings, OOP) are a way for you to meet with your mentee to do something fun or educational.  We encourage you to go on Pair Expeditions because they are a way to develop your relationship with your mentee and also support them with the college process.

However, you need approval from your Program Manager before you can go on a Pair Expedition. Read more about how to get approval and what you can do on a Pair Expedition below. 

As always, reach out to your Program Manager with any additional questions. 

Note: meeting outside of formal events without being Out of Program approved may lead to dismissal from our program.

How do I get approved for Pair Expeditions?

  • If you are interested in meeting with your mentee outside of our formal events, you may want to look into our iMentor Pair Expeditions.  You and your mentee may qualify to meet out of program once the following steps are completed:
  1. iMentor has received a signed consent form from you, your mentee, and your mentee's parent/guardian.
    1. You can download the consent form on the "Meetings and Events" page of the Platform by clicking "Sign Consent Form"
  2. You and your mentee have been formally matched for at least three (3) months.
  3. You and your mentee receive approval to meet from your Program Manager.
    1. Once both consent forms are signed, it will look like this:

Note: Consent forms can now be signed digitally! You will receive an email from your program manager asking you to sign the Pair Expedition request form. For instructions on how to do so, please refer to this article: Signing Digital Documents.

We are approved. How do we meet?

  • Once you have met the above requirements, you and your mentee will be Pair Expedition approved.  However, for each meeting, mentors and mentees must:
  1. Request a meeting from your Program Manager at least two (2) days ahead of time.
    1. Click on the green "Request Pair Expedition" button to bring up the following box:
  2. Receive approval from your Program Manager.
    1. This is what you'll see when approved:
    2. This is what you'll see when the request is denied. You have the option to edit and resubmit:
  3. Have a great time. 
  4. Check in with your Program Manager within one (1) week after meeting.

Where do pairs go?

  • iMentor pairs can go any number of places, as long as they are age appropriate and encourage growth in your relationship. Some common examples include: parks, museums, appropriate movies, dinners, college visits. Check out some of our Pair Expeditions guides to help you plan your outing:

Who can come with us on our meeting?

  • iMentor’s screening process and consent form only apply to you and your mentee meeting. This means the only people who can attend your meeting is you and your mentee. 
  • People who cannot attend: significant others, friends, other mentees, and/or your mentee’s family (except for their parent/guardian). If you have questions, ask your Program Manager.

How do we get there?

  • You and your mentee can travel via public transportation (excluding water travel). Mentors cannot drive their mentees in a private vehicle or boat of any kind.

Can I pay for transportation / meeting?

  • Depending on the meeting, it may be appropriate to offer to pay your mentee’s way. Generally, it’s best to arrange a trip that your mentee could travel to using public transportation, and that is affordable.

Can I pick my mentee up at their home?

  • As always, mentors and mentees are not allowed to visit each other’s homes and/or meet in private settings.  You can arrange to meet nearby their home. 

What else should I know?

  • DO…Request a meeting from your PM by telling them where, when, and why you want to meet with your mentee.
  • DO…Invite mentee’s parents/guardians to meet OOP.
  • DON’T…Invite friends, partners, or other mentees to your Pair Expedition.
  • DON’T…Drive your mentee or travel in a private vehicle.
  • DON’T…Make plans that would require a large amount of money.
  • DON’T…Pick your mentee up at his/her home or invite them to yours.