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Welcome to the Mentor Learning Center

Being a Mentor

This resource covers the support we provide to you throughout your program experience, what you will do as a mentor, explores the roles you will play as a mentor and shares strategies for how to be successful in your relationship as well as other ways to get involved with iMentor beyond the scope of your mentoring relationship.

As a mentor you will...

  • Write to your mentee weekly on our Platform or via our mobile app
  • Attend monthly pair events, most often at your mentee's school
  • Respond to emails, texts and calls from your Program Manager.  Your Program Manager is your main person for support in building a strong relationship with your mentee, working with your mentee to explore potential careers and ultimately make a post-secondary plan together.  
  • Complete program surveys which you will access on your Platform or via our mobile app
  • Fill out the Pair Expedition consent form (after being matched for at least 3 months) and meet your mentee on your own outside of monthly pair events. 

The support we will provide you...

  • You will have a Program Manager who will email and text you regularly to keep you on track in your relationship with your mentee.  
  • You will be invited to mentor trainings via our Platform, which may be in-person or virtual, and will also have access to self-directed online modules via our Platform.
  • You can explore this website to find articles and resources to help you be successful in your role as a mentor!

Your Mentor Roles...

You will wear many hats when building a trusting, caring relationship with your mentee.  Download this 1-page resource to explore the various roles you will play with your mentee including: Relationship Driver, Guide, Thought Partner and Researcher.

Adopting a Mentoring Mindset...

Research strongly suggests that there are some critical attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that serve as the foundation for being an effective mentor.  This foundation can be thought of as a "mentoring mindset."  Download this 1-page resource to explore how adopting this mindset can help you be a great mentor to your mentee!

Other ways to get involved with iMentor...

We will share optional opportunities to deepen your engagement with iMentor beyond the scope of your mentoring relationship such as mentor happy hours and social events as well as invitations to participate in the iMentor Challenge, our mentor-driven fundraising campaign.