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Welcome to the Mentor Learning Center

Career Exploration (Phase Two)

In this phase...
Students will carry out a set of self-reflection activities, with your support, to better understand their interests, skills and the links between their passions and career pathways. You and your mentee will work on a resume that your mentee can use to apply to summer opportunities of interest.

Resources for this Phase

  • You and your mentee will work on the tasks listed in the Phase Two Pair Checklist: Career Exploration.
  • Review the Roles of a Mentor and the Adopting a Mentoring Mindset 1-page resources and consider how they apply to this phase of your relationship.
  • Read the Mentor Guide to Career Exploration to learn about the ways you will support your mentee during this phase.
  • Watch this "Mentee Moments" video of students talking about their career exploration process and how they identified careers that they wanted to pursue.
  • Review these tips to find questions to explore with your mentee
  • Complete a short, self-directed mentor training module called "Career Exploration."  You can access the training by clicking on the "Mentor Training" button in the Platform. When you get to the training module site, click on "View more courses," then on "Building your Relationship with your Mentee."  You will find the module in that folder.