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Learning Center.

Welcome to the Mentor and Mentee Learning Center

Program Expectations

This section provides you an overview of Dos and Donts in the iMentor program.


Pair Expeditions
Pair Expeditions (formerly known as Out of Program Meetings, OOP) are a way for you to meet with your mentee to do something fun or educational.  We encourage you to go on Pair Expeditions because they are a way to develop your relationship wit...
Gift Giving Policies
If you are considering getting your mentee a gift for any reason, iMentor applauds your generosity. However, in no way should you feel pressured to do so. By playing a positive and encouraging role in your mentee’s life, you are already provid...
Pair Expedition Resources
Pair Expeditions are informal meetings between pairs during your length of match. While informal, our program has provided you some structure where necessary. Below are 8 different guides that may help you and your mentee have a meaningful meeting.&...