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Learning Center.

Welcome to the Mentor and Mentee Learning Center

Ongoing Mentor Training

Inevitably there will be moments of uncertainty, where you're unsure what to do, say, or write. Ongoing mentor training will allow you to gather information, build skills, and refresh capacities necessary to tackle anything with your mentee. These resources and additional opportunities for training and education will guide you through times of ambiguity throughout your length of match.

Mentor Training Learning Modules

These online learning modules are designed to provide you a better understanding of what to expect for your mentee's upcoming grade.

Monthly Learning Moments

Monthly Learning Moments allow you to build a deeper context of the education landscape and the forces that may be affecting your mentee. The Learning Moments are designed to cultivate and extend your understanding of the public education system, issues of equity along racial and socioeconomic lines and how these elements interact to create an opportunity gap for our students. As a mentor, we hope you will use these resources to grow personally and professionally alongside your mentee and that you will feel galvanized to take action to support broader equity in education. You can access the Learning Moments by navigating to the pages below. Share your feedback and/or questions on MLMs with us at [email protected]