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Welcome to the Mentor Learning Center

Transition and Matriculation

These articles will walk you through supporting your mentee with transitioning from high school and picking a postsecondary pathway.


After Submitting College Applications
This article is meant to provide you an overview of what you and your mentee should keep an eye out for after they submitted their college applications. If you have any specific questions, reach out directly to your Program Manager. Follow the che...
Supporting with Postsecondary Decision-Making
A postsecondary placement decision is made by considering several factors. It’s nuanced, and you have to be prepared to tailor it to each student and family. Some of our students will only be considering colleges, some of our students are cons...
What is Summer Melt?
Summer melt overview Did you know that between 10 and 40% of students who plan to go to college still don't make it to campus in the fall — even if they've been  accepted and paid their deposits?   This phenomenon is cal...
Exploring Alternative Pathways with Your Mentee
Alternate pathways exploration can happen with your mentee at any stage of the iMentor program. All of our students are required to apply to at least one college, but we encourage you to talk to your mentee about alternate pathways if they don't...