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New mentors - Start here! Learn about the iMentor program and access resources to be successful in your role as a mentor.

What We Do at iMentor

Learn about the basics about how the iMentor program works and the goals you and your mentee will work toward together.

Being a Mentor

Learn about your role as a mentor, support you will receive to be successful in your relationship and ways to get involved with iMentor beyond the scope of your pair experience.


Learn how, as a mentor, you play an important role in stewarding the safety of your mentee while participating in iMentor programming.

Digital Aspects of the iMentor Program

Learn about the digital aspects of being a mentor is this program.


Mentor Wisdom: The Seven Things I Learned Since Becoming a Mentor
Quinton Mudd and his mentee Ismael were matched at the beginning of Ismael’s junior year in high school in the iMentor NYC mentoring program. Ismael was an average student who was interested in college but wasn’t exactly pulling the grad...