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About iMentor's Post-Secondary Program

Learn more about expectations for pairs in the program and how to access resources and support.


About the Post-Secondary Program
This article provides you an overview of the iMentor Post-Secondary Success Program. As always, reach out to your Program Manager with any questions, comments, or concerns. All young people need guidance, encouragement, decision-making support and ...
The Mentor's Role: from High School to College
So much changes after high school! Watch the video below to hear advice from other mentors and mentees who have gone through the transition before you. You’ll learn about the ups and downs of maintaining a relationship after high school, and g...
FAQ: Text Reminders in the Post-Secondary Success Program
This article provides answers to frequently asked questions about text reminders in the Post-Secondary Success Program. Quick links to FAQs below What are text reminders in the Post-Secondary Success Program? Why are text...