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Post-Secondary Program

Everything you need to know about iMentor's Post-Secondary Program, including curricular content and resources for navigating life and mentorship after high school.

About iMentor's Post-Secondary Program

Learn more about expectations for pairs in the program and how to access resources and support.

Monthly Mentoring Discussion Guides

Look here for your monthly discussion guides. Used during monthly meetings, these guides help drive discussions to strengthen the mentoring relationship and ensure students stay on track to persist in their pathway.

Strengthening the Pair Relationship

After high school, the pair relationship will be central to the mentee's experience of PSP. This category contains resources for continuing to grow together as a team.

Summer Melt

This category contains resources about the phenomenon known as "summer melt,"how to keep students on track to matriculate on-time, and other important information for incoming college students.

Academic Success in College

This category contains resources for help college students and their mentors understand the academic differences between high school and college, and how students can succeed.

Social, Emotional & Cultural Resources

This category contains resources to support mentors and mentees with social, emotional, and cultural resources for adjusting to new situations after high school.

Understanding Finances

This category has information on mentor/mentee conversations about money, along with resources about payment plans, budgeting, and financial management.

Transfer Support

This category contains resources for students who are considering transferring to another college, or to a four year university.

Jobs and Internships

This category contains resources to help mentees explore careers, get the job or internship they want, and succeed once they have the job.

Gap Year

Some mentees choose to take a gap year between high school and college. This category contains resources for helping students who are taking or considering a gap year.


Understanding College Persistence
Roughly one third of students whose parents didn't attend college drop out, compared with 26 percent of students whose parents attended some college and 14 percent of those whose parents hold bachelor's degrees.  A considerable body o...
DECEMBER Class of 2020
November Key takeaways: The phenomenon of " holiday blues" is being exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. You can help yourmentee to combat them!  The post-secondary landscape continues to be  fluid ...
FEBRUARY Class of 2020
February Key takeaways: Goal setting is an essential skill that  will benefit your mentee in their personal and professional life.   Breaking goals into smaller attainable tasks will increase the chances of...
Post-Secondary Learning Modules
The Post-Secondary Success Program has developed a series of six online modules to be chosen, accessed, and shared by mentor/mentee pairs in their first year after high school. These modules are self-paced online learning modules which can be com...
Post-Secondary Resource Database
The Post-Secondary Resource Database includes select information to help plan for life after high school. Use this database to find and learn about: Scholarships which can be used to help pay for college, professional certification programs which ca...