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Applying to College and Alt-Pathways

Use this section to guide your mentee through filling out their college applications and applying to alt-pathways.

Supporting Undocumented Students with the College Application Process

Use this section in order to best provide resources for your mentee who may not eligible for federal financial aid.


The College List
College List Key Takeaways:   A well vetted college list ensures that your mentee will apply to options that are right for them. Research shows that students are more likely to drop out or transfer out of their p...
Alt-Pathways Key Takeaways:   Alternate pathways exploration can happen with your mentee at any stage of the iMentor program. All of our students are required to apply to at least one college, but we encourage yo...
The College Essay
The College Essay  Key Takeaways:  Your mentee may not have written a narrative essay before, and definitely not one for such a specific purpose. It is your responsibility to guide your mentee through this writin...
Completing College Applications
Completing College Applications Key Takeaways:  Fall of senior year is the time when your mentee will be working on their college and post-secondary applications. The application process is new to your mentee, and a...