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Supporting Undocumented Students with the College Application Process

Use this section in order to best provide resources for your mentee who may not eligible for federal financial aid.


6 Things Undocumented Students Need to Know About College
If your mentee is undocumented — that is, they were born outside the United States and they’re not a U.S. citizen or legal resident — they probably have a lot of questions about going to college. This article is meant to help guide...
Undocumented Students: Applying to and Paying for College
This article and linked resources will provide information and resources for you to best support your mentee who may be undocumented in the college process. Who are undocumented students? Applying to college Paying for college Wh...
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about going to college as an undocumented student
If your mentee is an undocumented student, they probably have a lot questions about college. Here are answers to some common questions undocumented students have about paying for college. The questions and answers that follow provide information abo...